Gulf’s Core Values —
The Foundation for Success

The Gulf Oil value system is underpinned by four critical and guiding principles –
Safety, Operational Excellence, Customer Service, and Profitability & Growth.


Industry-leading safety and environmental guardianship is not just a goal, it’s a requirement. This means placing the highest priority on the health and safety of our workforce and ensuring the protection of our assets and the communities in which we operate. Through specific goals, we are able to quantify our success and have designed and implemented a systematic, repeatable, and efficient process that facilitates safe and secure procedures across our footprint. We partner with resources and have extensive training and emergency response and contingency plans in place to assure we are responsible and ready to respond in the event of an incident.

Operational Excellence.

Gulf is a longstanding and proud member of the communities in which we operate, work, and live. Above all, we recognize the responsibility we have to the people, employees, and the surrounding environment. That’s why we work diligently to manage our business in a way that promotes a best-in-industry workforce with the collective responsibility of enhancing the well-being and protection of our surroundings. Gulf has invested significant time, focus, and capital to improve operational efficiencies and to reduce the emission footprint of our facilities. This commitment and focus grows as we grow, and will always be a cornerstone of our company and its operations

Customer Service.

Our customer-centric business model aims to deliver quality products and reliable services to our customers and partners, day in and day out.  We provide attentive and accessible support at every level of our organization, allowing us to build strong relationships with each of our customers and ensure that no issue is too small and no detail is overlooked. Each and every Gulf employee is deeply committed to this collective goal, and this commitment shows in the product and caliber of our work.

Profitability & Growth.

When industry-leading Safety, Operational Excellence, and Customer Service are achieved, Profitability & Growth follow. At Gulf, we make decisions every day that leave our company stronger, healthier, and more competitive than it was the day before. Our constant strive to “do better” affords us the opportunity to achieve growth across both our system and customer base and the reputation we have built under this approach is a critical component to our success.