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Biofuels are one option available to the market today.  We believe we should do our part to make alternative fuel options available to you.  For this reason we were the first to install E-85 dispensing capability for motorists at stations in Massachusetts and New York, and we’ll continue to expand those options in the future.

Gulf provides high quality E-85 which meets or exceeds ASTM specifications and standards. Ethanol is a renewable fuel most commonly made from corn. It is currently found in almost all gasoline in America. Ethanol is a natural, non-toxic alcohol that burns clean and reduces greenhouse emissions by as much as 59%. It’s made in America, in rural farming areas all across the country.

Ethanol is made from crops and other plants grown right here in the U.S. Most is currently made from field corn, but new technologies are allowing ethanol to be made from other materials such as switch grass, wood chips and agricultural waste.

All cars made after 1980 can run on blends of E10 or higher. Newer cars called flex fuel vehicles – or FFVs – are designed to run on any blend up to 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol, called E85. Most auto makers have flex fuel models, and the cost difference is negligible

At Gulf, we're giving you options to address our nation’s energy security.

Steve McQueen starred in and directed the movie LeMans in 1971 in which he played a Gulf race car driver. Since then the Gulf racing colors have become the most popular worldwide.

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