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The Advantage of... Gulf

Joining Gulf means enjoying the protection of an extensive distribution system, an established brand, and unparalleled customer care.

Gulf: pioneers in excellence

For more than a hundred years, Gulf Gasoline has been fueling the dreams of American motorists. Since its establishment in 1901, Gulf has been a leader in service and quality. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Gulf Oil knows first-hand about the unique demands of the American customer. From opening the first drive-in service station to developing innovative proprietary programs, Gulf has spent the last century perfecting service standards and pioneering the integrated customer care that sets us apart today.

Delivering quality to our customers

Today’s state-of-the-art gasoline retail centers reinforce this brand allegiance by offering the amenities and conveniences consumers demand. Displaying the art of convenience in every detail, Gulf stations deliver exceptional speed of service, ensuring an easy-in, easy-out experience for today’s time-pressed consumer. Branded resellers are afforded Data Wire technology, reducing pay-at-the-pump transaction times to seconds, for increased customer satisfaction.

Life…one mile at a time.™

Gulf’s integrated promotional campaign includes point-of-sale materials, media presence, internet marketing and numerous professional sports sponsorships to create superior brand awareness across our footprint. We’re here to help you with your local store marketing as well. – Our high standards translate into increased customer loyalty.

Steve McQueen starred in and directed the movie LeMans in 1971 in which he played a Gulf race car driver. Since then the Gulf racing colors have become the most popular worldwide.

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